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Participate And Benefit Later

If you have the time, and like to participate with new ideas and concepts regarding the next version
of this tool, visit the following website and download the concept files. Please save the comments you
place direcltly into the SketchFlow-Application and send me an email to Email Ilija Injac

The New Vision Behind The Prototype

After receving a lots of feature requests, I was thinking about re-implementation of the project still as a
WebPart - but from a performance and usage view, this has no advantages. Most of you want to scan
also multiple pages, perform ocr etc., etc. This features are not meant to be implemented directly into
SharePoint 2010. They will Block the server process too long, if you scan more than one document at a time.

So I decided to create a full-fleged micro DMS (document management system) based on SharePoint 2010
and especially on SharePoint 2010 Foundation, with all the good features onboard like OCR, scanning multiple
pages, duplex-scan, TWAIN, VIA, different document formats, a basic document recognition and some basic
management features like favs, last edited,Tasks, Users and more - but not to complicated usable, good

I am also thinking about to create a NUI-Touch-Based-Flavour, for Panel-PC's. Current design work is already (but in slow)

So, if you have any ideas - please let me know about it.

I have attached the prototype SktechFlow-App to this page. You can also download it here.*

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